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Building Elite Cross-Functional Teams: Lessons Learned from a Combat Decorated Navy SEAL and Entrepreneur by John Choate, Former Navy SEAL and Serial Entrepreneur

Globally recognized as one of the world’s most effective cross-functional entities, the US Navy SEALs employ a team-based approach to everything they do. Their highly successful philosophy is based on Four Principles resulting in team performance that has overwhelmingly proven successful during the past 50 years.  John Choate is a former Navy SEAL and serial entrepreneur, who has most recently been retained as the security expert for the legal team representing the families of lost loved-ones from the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Mandalay Bay. With his unique experience in both his time as a SEAL member and in creating several highly successful organizations in the security consulting space, John will share the Four Principles used by the Navy SEALs to establish elite cross-functional teams including: Self Awareness; Communications; Mission Planning; and Mission Practice. The team program converts these lessons into relevant and effective business practices that can create an efficient and inspired business, organization, or team.