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Key to Staying Relevant: 

Re-Imagine the Boundaries of Your Business

by Gabor George Burt, Slingshot

In today’s border-less business environment, you are either actively shaping the future of your market space, or you are left in the wake of others who are. Gabor George Burt reveals how you can be among the future-shapers. His Slingshot Framework enables you to redraw market boundaries in a way that assures the ongoing relevance and growth of your organization. 

Through his engaging, interactive talks and workshops, Burt distills the complexity of strategy formation into the simple, intuitive steps of the Slingshot Framework, teaching you to:

  • Stretch the definition of your business to discover new markets of high relevance and impact

  • Transform the weakest points of your customers’ experience into the strongest

  • Aim beyond satisfying your customers, by keeping them continuously infatuated

  • Embrace the ‘Innovation Shortcut’, by unlocking powerful combinations of already existing components that lead to boundary-breaking, new customer value

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