About You


You’re an entrepreneur. You’re the owner or co-founder or significant shareholder of a business in the Knoxville region with over $1m in annual revenue. Or you’re the founder or co-founder of company that has privately raised $2M or publicly raised $5M.

You’re committed to growing your company and expanding your horizons through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and connections to experts.

Join your peers in EO Knoxville.


You’re a member of EO Knoxville. Or you’re a member of another EO chapter planning to visit Knoxville. Visit the EOnetwork website to register for local, regional, and global events, and to access other member benefits including Executive Education, PressPass, and Healthnetwork Foundation. Contact us if you have any questions about our chapter or about EO.


You represent a company that wants to support and connect with leading entrepreneurs in Knoxville.

You want to support and have access to world-class local learning events and exclusive networking opportunities with top business owners.


You’re a member of the media and want to do a story about an EO Knoxville member or our chapter.

Or you’d like to do an interview or get a quote from EO Knoxville or its members on a business/entrepreneurship topic.

Or you’d like to cover one of our local learning events in which we bring world-class speakers to Knoxville.


You’re an entrepreneur that’s focused on growing your company to the $1m revenue mark.

You want to connect with EO Knoxville members, attend a local learning event, and chart a course to $1m.