Learn more about the challenges facing CEOs and founders in this year’s report compiled by EO Knoxville.

Earlier this year, we surveyed business owners, CEOs, and founders of Knoxville-based companies on their biggest challenges growing a business. Based on the results of that survey, we compiled the State of Entrepreneurship in Knoxville Report.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

Trends in challenges emerged based on the size of the organization. For organizations with $0-$250K in revenue, the biggest challenges are Finance and HR. For those with $250K-$999K, Sales and Marketing were identified as the struggle areas. Organizations with over $1M+ in revenue reported HR and Sales as their biggest challenges.

Recruiting and retaining great employees was a top challenge across all organizations. One CEO with over a million in revenue commented, “Finding team members that want to work and learn skills that will make them a great living” was their greatest challenge.

Download the report for free below.