In this post, we share the benefits of joining a 7-Figure Founder Peer Group like Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey.

As a founder, you’re faced with challenges every day in your business and personal life. It is difficult to find someone who understands your struggles and can give candid and honest advice. You need people to lean on who understand what you are experiencing and can relate. This isn’t easy, especially when it comes to sensitive business and personal matters. 

One way business owners in Knoxville overcome their challenges is through an exclusive 7-figure founder peer group. As we recently discussed, a peer group is a group of people that share similar characteristics and interests. Entrepreneur peer groups enable you to connect and learn from each other’s challenges. These groups force you to intentionally take time to focus on your business, challenge you to think bigger, and create the space to devise strategies that help both you and the group attain success both personally and professionally.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the highest-rated benefit of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) membership is Forum. Held monthly, Forum meetings allow you to dig deep, personally and professionally, in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment. 

Here are 3 benefits of joining a 7-Figure Founder Peer Group like EO.

1. They understand your challenges like nobody else. 

Nobody understands a founder like another founder. The complexity of payroll challenges, market changes, and business setbacks are part of any business, but in the case of a founder, everything that they worked for is on the line. With a peer group, you get to work through these challenges with other founders who truly understand and empathize with the level of stress you feel. 

2. Unpaid Board of Advisors

A founder peer group acts as an unpaid board of advisors which means they provide unbiased feedback. Since they have built a relationship with you personally, they want to see you succeed personally and professionally. 

3. The Relationships

Building deeper relationships with other founders changes your business because they are extended advocates that are always looking to help you succeed. These relationships are a game-changer when you run into business issues because you know who you can get help from. In addition, they already know the back story and moving parts, so they understand the impact of the decisions that you have to make. 

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Knoxville provides support for CEOs, business owners, founders, and majority shareholders of companies with more than $1M+ in annual revenue. EO provides leaders with the tools and resources to succeed in their business and personal lives. Would you like to learn more about how EO can benefit you as an entrepreneur? Contact us today to learn more.