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Influence Through Empathy Based Listening

by Eric Maddox

In 2003, Eric Maddox collected the intelligence which led to the exact location of Saddam Hussein – the Ace of Spades in the infamous Deck of Cards. While he served as an interrogator in support of operation Iraqi Freedom, his actions were pivotal in achieving the extrication of actionable intelligence from numerous detainees. Eric’s interrogation mapping methods led to the successful detention of various Iraqi former regime leaders and the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Eric’s training workshops enable companies to gather business intelligence necessity to innovate to an ever-changing marketplace and battlefield. His proven methods of success up and down the command structure, mean that every key stakeholder in an organization can find themselves taking away a critical component to incorporating empathy based listening in their everyday activities. Eric Maddox inspires organizations to take action for growth and unprecedented success.

In this session, Maddox will share his story of tracking down Saddam in 2003 and the development of this interviewing technique. He will then focus the training on the process of Empathy-Based Listening interviewing which includes..

* Understanding and removing the six categories of distractions we all face during discussions.

* The process of gaining empathy during conversations to include conversations in which we do not have a solid relationship with the interviewee.

* The implementation of Empathy-Based Listening throughout all phases of interviews.

* Demonstration of interviews by the instructor using the Empathy-Based Listening technique.

* Mock interviews in which trainees practice Empathy-Based Listening interviewing of real-world scenarios.

* The breakdown of numerous conversations emphasizing how Empathy-Based Listening creates maximum influence during conversations.

* I will also introduce and train on a few interviewing techniques I describe as “more manipulative” to determine deception, concealing the search for deception and gaining leverage when exposing interviewee of being deceptive.

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