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We’re different.  All of us – very  different.You like to sit and think – but your partner likes to talk, non-stop.  Your daughter must have everything neat’n’tidy – but her brother couldn’t care less.  

You’re a born ‘get-up-and-goer’ but you’ve married to someone who has never got up and gone anywhere without being pushed.   Why? You declare in frustration that you’re opposites, that you’re like chalk and cheese and that you just can’t figure it out!

Allison has spoken to many EO chapters globally and the main challenge she hears from members is “how do I keep my relationship flourishing?”  She will show you how!

Come along and hear Allison speak about personality differences, how people are wired and what makes people tick.  Learn how to effectively press all the right buttons to create unity and harmony in your relationships.

Allison is a multi -award winning speaker/author and she has a powerful message that will transform your relationships both at home and professionally.

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