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Unf*ck Your Books, The Surprisingly Simple Path to Financial Clarity!

by Spencer Sheinin, Shift Financial Insights 

As an business owner, you probably don’t love the numbers aspect of your business.  You started it without a financial background and kinda (read: totally) ignored accounting early on, passing everything off to your bookkeeper, and why wouldn’t you…accounting sucks.   It worked for a while but now you’ve grown and are losing sleep not getting the numbers you need. What’s worse, you may not even know exactly what you need, you just know you’re not getting it.  And so the vicious cycle continues. When financial literacy is ignored, a plateau is inevitable.

This session is for those business owners trapped in the vicious cycle who want out from under the stress of financial literacy cloudiness.  Don’t worry, it’s not an accounting lesson! We’ll strip it back to the bare bones of business owners financial needs: walk away knowing how to evolve from financial frustration (and the screaming headache that comes with it) to totally dialed Insights Driven Accounting, setting the stage for the next round of growth.

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